Different countries and platforms come forward with their own content requirements. For example, in mobile apps the smallest hints on sexual behaviour in a public stream are prohibited. Even a scoop neck and jestures are under question. That is why we mark every show script with 12+, 14+, 16+ or 18+. The lower the rating, the wider audience and stricter moderation.

    For instance, 12+ shows are available for mobile apps but 14+ - are  not. If a broadcaster chose a 12+ show but the moderator sees too revealing clothes or an obviously sexual position, he will be obliged to stop the stream. The broadcaster then will have to study the show requirements again and be more attentive. She will be able to start a new stream in a few seconds. If you choose  a low rating show, try not to connect it with your sexuality. Better tell some news, start a workshop or just chat with your viewers. To make it easier we have prepared a lot of theme scripts for your show. 

   IMPORTANT! The service is available only for adult users. 12+ rating does not mean your stream will be open for teenagers.